Junior Cert

Our school aims to provide for our students an education that fosters the development of the whole person and that also positively promotes the personal and professional development of all staff members.

Through the effective teaching and learning of English in the Holy Family Secondary School, we aim to nurture the intellectual, imaginative and emotional growth of our students by developing their personal proficiency in the arts and skills of language and their interest in literature.

We aim also to promote the personal and professional development of our English teachers by facilitating and encouraging their on-going involvement in activities that enhance their teaching skills and expertise and by enabling them to work in a well-resourced environment.


Leaving Certificate

All pupils take Leaving Certificate English. Language is fundamental to learning, communication, personal and cultural identity, and relationships. The English syllabus aims at initiating pupils into enriching experiences with language so that they become more adept and thoughtful users of it and more critically aware of its power and significance in their lives. The development of our pupils' interest in literature remains central to our Leaving Certificate English programme.

English Paper I: This paper is aimed at testing the composing and comprehending abilities of pupils. Pupils answer questions on a reading comprehension, write a functional writing task piece and compose an essay length piece.

English Paper II: There are three sections on this Paper.

SECTION A: in-depth studies of a text – Pupils study a ‘single text’ (usually a Shakespearean play)

SECTION B: Comparative studies – Pupils study a play, a film and a novel and explore how they contrast with and compare to each other.

SECTION C: Poetry- Pupils explore a selection of poets’ works.






















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