As the first language of more than 400 million people in over 21 countries, it is a major global language. It is also the second language of the United States and a very strong Hispanic influence is found in many major American cities. For students who choose to study Spanish, both short-term and long-term employment opportunities are enhanced for those who intend travelling to North and South America. Clearly, knowledge of the language also increases the enjoyment for those students who travel to Spain and its islands either for a short break or when staying at a holiday home.

Junior Certificate

At Junior Cert level (in line with the Syllabus as set down by the Department of Education and Science) the course aims to develop aural, oral, written and comprehension skills. Knowledge of Spanish/Hispanic culture is considered to be very important and this is developed progressively through the years at the Holy Family. The internet, DVDs, magazines, music etc. are all used to aid this progress and food tasting à la española is very popular as a term event. All students have access to the schools Multimedia Language Laboratory where they can hone their skills and work on interactive computer programs which help them to progress independently.

Leaving Certifucate

Leaving Certificate Spanish (again in line with the DES Syllabus) aims to consolidate and develop oral, aural, comprehension and written skills in preparation for the Leaving Cert itself. It is anticipated that a student at this state would be proficient in all of these areas. Students from 4th to 6th Year can take part in the school exchange programme with a school in Alicante. Senior Holy Family students take part in the Leinster Spanish Debating competition and Annual Inter-Schools Spanish Quiz.

For students who have studied Spanish at the Holy Family, many go on to incorporate continued study of the language at 3rd Level through Humanities or Business Degrees such as International Commerce. The demand for 3rd level graduates with Spanish very often exceeds the supply.

Knowledge of Spanish like all languages is an invaluable life skill. Apart from the ever-increasing importance of the language globally, the Holy Family aims to facilitate each student to achieve their potential within the language.


Spanish: Outside of China, English and Spanish are the two most widely spoken languages in the world. A linguistic qualification opens up many avenues to a pupil whether for travelling or career enhancement, both at home and abroad. Spanish is a language which will broaden a pupil’s horizon both linguistically and culturally. In Holy Family Secondary School, the Leaving Certificate Spanish programme aims to develop and consolidate the four main language skills  Aural, Oral, Written and Reading, covered  up to Junior Certificate.  Debating and linguistic exchanges are encouraged to improve fluency and to enrich the pupils’ learning experience.  In the Leaving Certificate Spanish examination, marks are accorded as follows:

Oral                              =25% (20%)

Listening (Aural)         =20% (25%)                          

Written                         = 25%

Reading                        = 30%                                      ¡ Viva el español!














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