Junior Cycle

German (Deutsch) is offered as a language to First Years. Most students opting to study German do so as one of their core subjects up to Leaving Cert level but students may opt to study German as a second language with an option to continue the study of the subject until Sixth Year.

Over 100 million people speak German as their native language. Germany is Ireland’s third largest trading partner – 70% of Irish exporters to Germany use the German language in their business dealings. With over 250 German companies operating in Ireland (employing approximately 15,000 people) an ability to speak German is an invaluable tool in the marketplace.

Students are encouraged to participate in exchanges to Germany - not only does this opportunity improve the students’ language skills, it also serves as a culturally enriching experience, bringing the classroom to life and needless to say is great fun. We aim for a warm classroom atmosphere, using a variety of methodologies. Classes are conducted as much as is practical, through German with plenty of student participation in the language. We work with each student so that she can reach her full potential


Senior cycle

German is taught in all-ability classes. Although the focus of these two years is preparation for the Leaving Certificate, we do, however, aim to develop fully, and in an enjoyably way, the four skills of language learning, using different resources. We encourage students to use German in the classroom as much as possible, go on our annual exchange to Germany and take part in the Goethe Institute debating competition in 5th year. We use our ‘state of the art’ multi-media room for independent learning and oral practice. When we have a German language assistant with us for the year, there are many additional opportunities for cultural exchange and conversation with a native speaker. As the Leaving Certificate examination has both an oral and aural component, many hours of class time are spent on honing communication skills and further developing listening skills. We also study two German films in preparation for the oral examination and to enhance our pupils’ cultural awareness. The two years of German at senior cycle are diverse, challenging and hands on. Learning a language is a skill you keep for life! Viel spaβ beim lernen!

















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