This is the study of people and their environment. Students will develop an understanding of their physical and human surroundings. Geography can make an important contribution towards enabling young people to function more effectively as members of society.


The syllabus is structured around a number of key geographical concepts. There is a clear continuity between Junior and Senior Cycles. Students will acquire knowledge and develop an understanding from a local, national and international perspective of basic spatial relationships, physical and environmental phenomena and processes, the interaction and inter- relationships between physical environmental, social, cultural and economic phenomena.  The practical aspects  of these different phenomena as they relate to the student’s local environment and community are investigated.


Students will be able to develop many geographical skills such as dealing with maps and photographs, statistics. Investigative skills, presentation skills , communicative and social skills.At leaving cert level as well as exploring the various fields of regional,economic,human and physical geography,swtudents will have the wonderful opportunity to engage in a compulsory field study.This project is worth 20% and gives students a chance to take their learning outside the classroom.Students will be able to develop positive attitudes by both experiencing ,questioning and analysing relationships and issues in their own environment.

The geography department in Holy Family aims to encourage and deepen the personal and academic growth of all our pupils irrespective of ability.We are aware, of the need to foster a learning environment that is true to the value systems of our founders, the Holy Family Sisters.


Leaving Certificate Geography incorporates aspects of physical, regional and social geography as well as geo-ecology. 20% of the marks for this course are derived from a project.  The Leaving Certificate Geography course involves theoretical and practical skills work, e.g., map and graph interpretation, photograph and statistical analysis and ICT applications. Through their study of Geography, Holy Family pupils are provided with an interesting and enjoyable experience and are imbued with a lifelong love of their natural and cultural environment


















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