Home Economics

Home Economics – Social and Scientific: This subject has often been described as the life-skill subject. It is very interesting and diverse and is an excellent preparation for day-to-day living in this fast and challenging modern world. The core area of the course is food studies - which studies nutrition, food commodities, food labelling and additives. Other areas of the course include resource management, household budgeting, consumer studies and textiles.  The Social Studies component of the Home Ec. course, which includes family law, is always very popular with our pupils.  Pupils also choose an elective from 3 areas - Sociology, Textiles and Home Design & Management.


Pupils must also write up a journal on 5 practical cookery assignments which must be completed in class.  The journal helps to develop the pupils’ culinary skills and knowledge in the area of nutrition. 20% is allocated to this journal and 80% to the final written examination at the end of the two year Leaving Certificate course. 


Pupils who have not studied Home Economics before may take up this subject in 5th year. It is a subject for life - to become informed on how important your health is and how what you eat on a day-to-day basis may affect your whole body - physically, socially, emotionally and mentally. You are what you eat - after all.   The pupil who studies Social and Scientific has many career paths to chose from -  dietetics, hospitality industry, teaching, leisure industry and food science to name but a few.



















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