Accounting has a very positive role to play in the general education of senior cycle pupils.  It fosters a unique combination of values, attitudes and skills within the senior cycle.  Within the business studies family, Accounting has an important niche of its own.  The study of Accounting is very valuable and has a direct relevance to the present and future life of every young person in that:

  • It develops problem-solving and computational skills and an awareness and recognition of the consequences of error
  • It provides a subject choice for those pupils who have an aptitude for numerical skills
  • It cultivates mental discipline, develops the powers of concentration and fosters critical thinking, logical organisation and orderly presentation
  • It facilitates the acquisition of a language which is universally used in communications within the business world and within society at large.

Consequently, Accounting is of personal use and benefit to pupils in their third-level education, in the work force and in their involvement in voluntary organisations.


The Leaving Certificate Accounting course has two main sections:

Financial Accounting: this area involves preparing accounts for sole traders, various companies and enterprises as well as analysing the performance of companies from year to year

Management Accounting: these accounts prepare information used in the business planning process.


Ideally, pupils should have studied higher level Junior Certificate Business before considering choosing this subject.
















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