Humans are genetically programmed to be curious. From the moment you started to talk, you have been asking questions, pestering those around you for information – “Why? Why not? How? When? Where?”

In a lifetime it is estimated you can learn 15 million items of information - that’s an awful lot of questions! But if you keep asking them, science will keep coming up with answers to many of them.

We have learned some astounding things through science. Our universe is about 16 billion years old, is about 32 light years in diameter, and is made up of 100 billion galaxies. Your body makes 50 million new cells every second. There are about about five million carbon atoms contained in the full stop at the end of this sentence. We have been able to apply what we have learned through science to make our life safer and more comfortable – just try to imagine your life without electricity, for example.

Junior Certificate Science gives you a great initial insight into the four major sciences; physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy. The course packages the learnings from hundreds of years of scientific struggle and discovery by some of the greatest minds in history. After three years study, you will know more about science than Archimedes learned in his lifetime. The ancient Greeks reckoned that earthquakes were caused by the god Vulcan working underground in his forge – you know the truth is even more full of wonder.

Open your mind and prepare to be astonished. You can embark on a lifetime of discovery and delight.





















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