Why Chemistry? The chemistry syllabus provides a suitable foundation for the study of chemistry or a related area through a range of higher education courses or direct entry into employment. A chemistry qualification can lead to many exciting and rewarding careers. Apart from pure chemistry, there are a diverse range of opportunities in related areas which include amongst others- materials chemistry. biotechnology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, engineering, geochemistry, environmental chemistry and forensic science. It is an excellent qualification for a wide career choice within science, industry or commerce. The chemistry syllabus is designed for all learners; the skills developed will form part of their lifelong learning and prepare them both for the workplace or for further studies in chemistry.

Importance of chemistry in society: Learners will develop an appreciation of the social and cultural perspectives of chemistry and of the impact of science and technology on people and on the environment. For example, an understanding of chemical molecules and the ability to manipulate them, have allowed for the development of crop-enhancing agricultural chemicals to ensure a constant and viable food supply, deadly diseases have been eradicated by developing life-saving pharmaceuticals and chemical pesticides Chemists have  also developed plastics and synthetic fibres for use in a both industrial and consumer products. All of these advances come at some cost to the environment; studying chemistry will assist learners in making informed decisions about the value of a chemical to society versus its inherent impact on the environment.




















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