Business Studies

Business Studies aims to enable the student to make informed decisions in the everyday business of living. It also encourages a positive attitude to enterprise and an insight into the appropriate skills needed in that field.

The syllabus covers business in the individual, household and commercial context, and is divided into three areas - Business of Living, Enterprise and Economics. The business concepts and skills introduced in one are restated and reinforced in the other. 

The topics dealt with in the Business of Living section include: personal income and expenditure, consumer education, budgeting, financial services for the individual, borrowing and insurance. All of these areas help to instil the knowledge of managing personal finance, which is an important life skill. This area also equips students with both oral and written ccommunication skills and the skill of efficient record-keeping.

In the Enterprise section students are introduced to the commercial business situation.  Topics covered include forming a business, marketing, business overheads and related accounting including final accounts and balance sheet, cashflow statements and general ledger accounts.   The accounting element seeks to promote in students the attributes of neatness and accuracy. It also seeks to develop the skill of communication in numerical form.  It involves the assembly, the recording, the processing, the analysing and the interpretation of numerical data. 

Business Studies also gives students an insight into economic literacy in order to enable them to make an informed contribution to the democratic process. It also advocates the use of Information Technology including basic keyboarding skills and appropriate computer software.

The Junior Certificate course aims to encourage in students an interest in, and a positive attitude towards the business world. It instils in them a knowledge and understanding of commercial activities and provides an introduction to the structures and functions of business institutions and their relationships.























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