HFSS Calendar Amendments for Parent-Teacher Meetings; March 2017+

  • FIRST YEARS                           Monday, 6th March                                        1.10pm-3.40pm
  • SECOND YEARS                      Tuesday 21st March                                      1.10pm-3.40pm

  • TRANSITION YEARS               Tuesday, 4th April                                          1.40pm-3.40pm



We would like to remind parent(s)/guardian(s) that the time allocation per meeting with a subject teacher is 5 minutes maximum. You will be respectfully asked to conclude the meeting after 5 minutes due to the year group numbers.


Please remember that you can contact any individual subject teacher through the administrative staff in our office in order to make an appointment to discuss an issue of concern. Your child’s class tutor and year head have a special role in taking care of your child while they are in our school and may be of assistance where the issue is not related to a specific subject. We also have career guidance and counselling staff available.

Due to the brief time (5 minutes time maximum) available for each parent and teacher to talk about each student, we ask you to observe the following guidelines for the duration of the parent-teacher meeting.

  1.       Please bring any helpful documentation with you: list of the relevant teachers’ names and subjects, student journal, recent report, etc.
  2.        Because of the number of people present at parent-teacher meetings, conversations may not be very private. If an issue arises that you would prefer to discuss privately, please inform the teacher and arrange an appointment for a later date.
  3.        If an issue arises that is confrontational, try to address it in a manner that is respectful of all concerned. If you are unhappy with how an issue is dealt with, you may make an appointment to see the Principal to discuss it further.
  4.        This is an opportunity to have a one-to-one conversation with your daughter/ward’s subject teachers and we would ask, further to health and safety considerations, that no other children may accompany you to these important one-to-one meetings. We do not have the resource capabilities to supervise other children.
  5.        Sixth years students are invited, should they wish, to attend the parent teacher meeting with their parents/guardians. A letter with further details will follow in the New Year.
















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