Changing Room/Toilet Protocols

The Board of Management of Holy Family Secondary School recognises that pupil protection and welfare considerations permeate all aspects of school life and must be reflected in all school policies, practices and activities. The following protocols are in line with child protection procedures and with the mission of Holy Family Secondary School which is to provide a safe, caring environment for all our pupils.


Changing rooms in the PE building are only to be used as a pupil facility for PE class or school sports events   

Pupils are permitted a ten minute period at the beginning and end of class to change into/out of their PE uniform

In the interests of security, pupils will only be allowed to access the changing area before and after a class/sporting event or in the case of emergency

Doors at corridor entrance to changing area will remain locked at all times while pupils are otherwise occupied

Prefects/Vice Prefects should be asked to check that all pupils have vacated changing rooms at the beginning and end of class

Access to the changing area/toilet while occupied by pupils/teams is restricted to female members of staff only except in cases of emergency. In all cases, staff members should call out to alert pupils before entering changing room/toilet

If a pupil is unwell the Prefect/Vice Prefect should escort her out of the changing room/toilet and inform a PE/class teacher

Pupils have a responsibility to leave changing rooms/toilets as they found them and are encouraged to be neat and tidy at all times.

 These protocols were ratified by the Board of Management at its meeting on 12th June 2012.















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